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Now played in: Italy, France, USA, Canada, Australia, UK.
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I really enjoyed it! I really enjoyed it!

Playing Propertunity®

Play starts with each player having cards for gazumping, cunning cards to get out of trouble, bank loan card and cash.

"I thought it was a great game ... we played it loads of times!"

The object of the game is to buy a number of properties and accumulate sufficient cash faster than your opponents. The variety and price of the properties purchased influence the play. There are many different properties; flats, offices, factories, shops, slums, various houses and other commercial premises.

"It's absolutely mad!"

Players throw a die to move around the board, stopping at estate agents or auctions to buy property. Money is made by collecting rent and dividends or by selling properties at auction for an enormous profit.

Other points on the board give golden opportunities and bonus cards that bring additional wealth; but look out for brown envelopes demanding money - tax to pay, disasters, uninsured losses, or you could lose half your property empire in a divorce (unless you're cunning).

Stop at the bank and take out loans to buy more in order to earn more.

The more you play it the more your enjoy!


Enjoy the lively interaction between players when you stifle your opponents' progress by outbidding them at auctions, forcing them to sell a property, gazumping them when they try to make a purchase and making them pay extra expenses!

Be the first to enjoy the property boom to double your income and win!

Did you see the Propertunity page in the Daily Telegraph?

The game usually takes just over an hour but higher targets can be set to extend playing time.

The first game to be played in the URO™ currency.
For ages 11 to 111; 2 to 6 players.
Available from shops or by mail order.

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